Terms & Conditions

The complete and official Tournament Terms & Condition is published at golf.se


All players must be member in a golf club which is connected to its country’s official golf federation. All player categories are eligeble to participate in the tournament (AM, PGA, NA, REAM). The players handicap must be 3,4 or lower at tournament entry deadline.


Entries are made trough MoreGolf Mastercard tour website. Entry fee is 1000 SEK for professionals and 550 SEK for amateurs. In Sweden, no other fee for TrackMan-rental will be applied. Outside of Sweden rental fee for simulators may apply. Registration deadline via MoreGolf Mastercard Tour registration is 3 day prior to tournament start at 18.00. After that, registration is only possible via email to frida.braster@golf.se


The format for the tournament is 54 holes individual scratch. Maximum number of participants is unlimited. All rounds needs to be finished before tournament end time.

In Sweden players can only play the tournament in Indoor Golf Group facilities, with exception for players whose member club is in district of Gotland GDF, Gästrike-Hälsinge GDF, Medelpad GDF or Norr-Västerbotten GDF. In these districts or outside of Sweden any facility with a TrackMan simulator updated to software version 8.1 is valid to play in. If a tournament round is played in an older software it will not be valid.


Official results are not final until all players are finished. The final results are published at MoreGolf Mastercard Tour website: https://golf.se/for-spelaren/tavlingar/more-golf-mastercard-tour/winter-series/igg-winter-challenge/  

The live leaderboard that is being updated throughout the tournaments on IGG´s website is only preliminary standings and may be corrected before the final results are published.

Validation of results

Every player must record each round to be able to validate round results upon request. The recorded videos will also serve as an informational source together with TrackMan data and players information if any ruling needs to be handled by the Rules Committee.

Rules Committee

There will be a Rules Committee responible for rulings based on technial issues and other non foreseeable issues that may arise. The Rules Committee will contain of representatives from SGF and Indoor Golf Group (IGG).


Due to the nature of simulator golf, neither TrackMan, SGF or IGG can be held responsible for any technial issues nor any other non foreseeable issues that may arise and affect the final results.

The most common technical issue that will arise is when a put is being hit, and the simulator doesn´t track the putt. In those cases the player will need to rehit until the shot is being tracked.

Prize money

The tournament will have a guaranteed prize money payout of at least 100 000 SEK. If the total sum from entry fees exceeds the guaranteed amount at entry deadline December 3 at 18:00, 20% extra will be added to the prize money.

Wild Cards

Players finishing in places 1-3 will receive a Wild Card to Indoor Golf Group Challenge on Challenge Tour at Allerum GK in week 34 2022. Amateurs can also win the Wild Cards to Challenge Tour – however, there can only be 1 amateur winning a Wild Card. If 2 or more amateurs finish top-3, the Wild Cards will be passed to the next professional player. Amateurs will not be eligible to recieve prize money. Players need to have below 0,0 in hcp to be eligible to win a Wild Card.

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